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July 3rd, 2005

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03:09 pm - a poem and a start
Lets see if we can make this community active again

Your Majesty

You struggle with your footing on the rocks as a king
Awkward in your crossing to where you have been ruled to go
Little waves creep into your wounds and light the sting
Carrying your sovereigns commands above the rivers flow

With blackened bruises and red scratched hands
You stir the liquid to disturb the decay from beneath
Exposing the wrinkled reflection of your face streaked in sand
Cuts crossed over your cheeks pulled back to show teeth

Like a ceremony you dip your head into the sea
And the salt slides into wounds to awaken the ache
Your flesh cowers in agony and you drop to your knees
Bowing in welcomed suffering for your queens sake

Limping in the sea are the fragments of your tragedy
A splintered scepter and blood clots washed on the bank
In this misery you wander to find your majesty
Lips with agony and you move from where your crown has sank
Current Mood: artisticartistic
Current Music: I bet it Stung- Tegan and Sarah

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