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Fledgling Poets

a place for all writers to come together

Fledgling Poets (Writers, too)
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This community is an open, accepting, environment where all writers, (poetry and prose) regardless of level of experience, can share their work and their passions. It is meant to foster the emotional and psychological growth of all writers.

Keeping that in mind, rudeness, cruelty, petty arguing, and destructive criticism are not allowed. Everyone should feel free to post and share their feelings. Thoughtful, constructive criticism is encouraged, from everyone. All I ask is that members be involved. All criticism, impressions and thoughts are valid and helpful. Don't be shy.

Critiquing is very, very important. If you want to be a member of this community you have to put thought and effort into your critiques. Besides it being common courtesy, critiquing can greatly improve your writing skills. I have adopted a post to comment ratio of 1:3, which I may change if necessary. It is also suggested to only post one medium/long poem or piece of prose at a time -- this will help other members give you more detailed feedback.

Oh, and all hail rhiannon_, the great and powerful mod, and the similarly powerful anithradia.

And special thanks to maxwelldemon10 for being so awesome.